Thank you so much for your warm, inviting hospitality! You have such a beautiful home and I really enjoyed my stay!

                                                                  - Cindi F., Florida

Dearest Boykin Family,

Oh what an amazing experience to have been housed here during this visit.  Wholesome! South Carolina has always had my heart and being here has renewed my love for my childhood hometown.  Thanks for the amazing hospitality!

                                                     - Keesha C., Virginia

Thank you so much for the services provided! ...Hospitality was spot on! This is a wonderful venue to share in what is a family atmosphere.  Also what some could consider a "spiritual" experience.  Thank you for sharing your family home and it's History with us!  Our prayer is that it grows into a successful venture for you all and an eye opening/heartwarming experience for all who partake.  God Bless & Best Wishes!

                                                        -  Thereyarn & Irina P., Idaho

Once again, thank you for your gracious hospitality.  You did it again & we will be back! Praying continued blessings over your family and business endeavors.

                           - Bill W., Harry S., and Justin F., Maryland

I love this home. I will definitely be back. Thank you for allowing me to stay.

                                       - Michael G., Washington, DC

Thanks so much for the experience.

                                      - Shama, South Carolina

To say that we "loved" our stay would be an understatement! Please keep this going. We are rooting for you!

                                             - Asya, Virginia

Dear Boykin Family, 

Thank you for sharing your lovely home with me and the C. family. I left a thank you gift.  Please look in the kitchen cabinet; top cabinet above the sink near the entrance.  I bought two wine glasses for you and your next guest.

                                     - Rebecca P., New Jersey

Enjoyed my stay - Felt like Home!

                                                   - Lea G., Maryland

Amazing Property, amazing hospitality!

                                                 - Bill W., Maryland

Enjoyed my stay:  Awesome Home!

                                                   -  Anthony D., Maryland

Thank you for your hospitality. My stay was very enjoyable.

                                               - H. L., California

We are the 16 Gifts of Love.  We were brought together as Line Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority on the campus of South Carolina State College in 1979. 2019 marks 40 years of sisterhood, service and scholarship. The historic Boykin House was the perfect setting for our reunion:  We loved our time together in your lovely home!! Additionally, we look forward to returning real soon!

    -  Deborah, Georgia           -  Carolyn, South Carolina

    -  Mary, Maryland               -  Carla, Mississippi

    -  Kahn, Virginia                   -  Rashidah, Maryland

    -  Gilda, South Carolina      -  Tiffany, Maryland

    -  Tonya, Georgia                 -  Tirrell, South Carolina

    -  Glenda, Georgia              -  Valda, Georgia

To the Boykin Family,

We had an amazing time staying here at the house.  We love it and enjoy it very much! Thank you for great hospitality.

                                               - Thereyarn P. and Family, Idaho

Dear Boykin Family, 

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us, the C. family, during our time of grief!  Your generosity allowed us to spend time together under one roof as we mourn the lost of our son, Tyler - 27 years of age.  God Bless you and your family!

                                   - William C. and Cynthia K., New Jersey

Dear Boykin House Family,


It’s been a wonderful experience to stay in such a beautiful home!!! The house is wonderfully furnished and you can feel the spirit of the ancestors in every room!  As my father is a native of Sumter, SC (Rembert), I love learning the history of this area, and having the opportunity to rest well every night in this magnificent space!  We all felt so “at home!”  I hope you will one day consider to add breakfast to add to this one-of-a-kind residence…I slept well every night and enjoyed reading, watching movies or various programs available to guests.  This is a “home away from home” and an experience to be cherished!


I am sharing the news about The Boykin House with my family and friends.  I am sure many will want to visit and stay here.


Thank you for an enjoyable stay!!!


                                              -  Christa E. S.  of Accra, Ghana

                                                  (Daughter of Rev. Dr. S.) Virginia

                                               -  Kareem B. of Accra, Ghana

                                               -  Sage Elise Y., Ghana (9 yrs old)

Dear Boykin Family,

We enjoyed staying in your lovely and love-filled home.  We had many family members meet together here after years separated by the pandemic and what a joyful reunion it was. 


Thank you for your hospitality & generosity! 


Love, the H. Family, South Carolina